Thursday, June 16, 2016

Some Art by People in My Class...

I thought I would catch you up on what some of the women in my art journal/mixed media class have been doing. I am so proud of them all. They are doing excellent art. Here's some examples...

A journal spread in the making.

Half of the face from a magazine the rest is all painted/collaged with painted papers.

She works wonders with magazine images.

She is working on cardboard fans.

Sorry about the glare on her nose and mouth. She is using bits from 
a coloring book to enhance this face.

This is a painting in progress
and below is her inspiration.

She is experimenting with pouring medium.
This is amazing in the sunlight.
There's gold paint throughout and it just glows.

This is done with gel printed papers.
It's beautiful.

She is enhancing a magazine page.

Another amazing transformation 
done by the same woman who did the red one at the top.

And this one is last but not least.
Beautiful colors and little stamped flowers.

These women are amazing!!! Every week I get to see them create and they always inspire me. I will miss them this month as I am not going to be teaching my class until after July 4th. They will still meet and play together and inspire each other but I won't be there. HB has had some surgery and I'm staying home to play Nurse Janet! He's doing fine in spite of my less than stellar nursing skills, and I will be back to my class before you know it.


  1. Wishing HB well. You have some amazing students ... but then their teacher is pretty amazing as well. :)

  2. Wow stunning work by all the ladies....such diverse pieces...I love it!! The geli pages is very interesting...and what a great idea with the colouring book pages...and love the start of her bull the colours are much more brilliant on her work... the collage piece with the eyes has my heart too!! I could see the geli pages piece on a huge canvas. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful artists...Sending love and healing to HB. Wishing you both well!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Great post. Love all of the collage artwork.

  4. All I can say is you must be a terrific teacher, Janet, because each piece is really remarkable! You have some fine students -- but if you weren't a good teacher, who knows?!

  5. Really nice work your students have done. I say kudos to the teacher. I've been worried about you, hoping you are not too close to those fires or that 122 degree temp!

  6. Great work they've all been doing! Hope all is well with HB and you. I was just able to leave a comment on another blogger blog for the first time in forever, so hoping this one will take too...

  7. Miss you....hope you and hb are doing well!

    Luv Giggles


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