Thursday, October 27, 2016

Some Close-ups...

After my last post I had some requests to show some close-ups of Camping by the Stream so here are a few...

Sorry about the glare in the bottom right of each one. I'm not the best photographer! But I think you can see some of the detail.

And here's a close-up of the entire piece...

These are a couple of the smaller pieces I framed up for the festival...




It wasn't easy getting these shots because of the glass. You may be able to see me in a couple of them!

Thanks to everyone who commented last time. I realize I've been very sporadic about posting. So much art, so little time!


  1. Janet, your work has evolved so in the past months. You still have the brilliant colors and complex patterns but also the more streamlined contemporary ones, too. I love them both for different reasons. So nice to see these here.

  2. Love seeing this up close Janet! thanks for showing! You have such a wonderful and unique way of incorporating collage into your work. It looks fantastic. And I like the smaller pieces as well. Simple lines but very effective!

  3. Janet I was here once before and saw the art but my mind did not register other than lovely abstract. This time I read the title, and I see all the tents, the stream, the woods beyond. This is awesome art you do! My bad for not paying closer attention. I bet you sold this one! xoxo

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Love it. Already told you. This is just a test to see if the comment disappears again. xoxo

  6. Its just me! :)

  7. Wonderful work, I love the name of your blog, too.
    I miss chatting with you.


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