Friday, December 16, 2016

Art from My Group of Artists

It's been quite some time since I've shared some of the art that the women in my art journal class have been doing. We have sort of morphed into more of a mixed media class than just strictly art journals. I have such an AMAZING group of talented artists in my class. There are times when they teach me as much or more than I teach them. Take a look at some of their art...

This is all done with the pouring technique...even the feathers in the vase. This woman is very good at this technique and has given a demo for the class. In person this piece is not quite so dark and the golds glimmer and sparkle. It's gorgeous!

This sweet little bird on the teapot is by a very talented artist in our group. She has done so many beautiful pieces.

I love this piece! The girl's face is from a magazine but the rest was all done by the artist. She chose this picture because the little girl looks very much like one of her granddaughters.

This is a piece in progress. The blue pond is all bits of paper. The yellow is fabric, and so are the flowers in the lower corner. This artist plans to add some trees into the upper left side and maybe some ducks swimming in the pond. I like the mixture of paper and fabric.

This piece is all collage. This woman does some incredible collages using a mixture of magazine pictures, images she manipulates on the printer, and any other kind of paper or fabric she has. She is very creative.

This piece is very dimensional and so much more beautiful in person than it shows here. This is the woman's granddaughter, a gorgeous young woman who is a school teacher. The artist used paper napkins as the background and added lots of silk flowers and other small items to the surrounding area. It will be a Christmas present for the young woman.

As you can see, each artist has their own style and we all learn from one another. I simply love my group.


  1. This is so much fun, all these different styles and techniques. It must be so inspiring to get together in such a group. That pouring technique looks amazing. Hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Wonderful share, Janet. Thank you! Merry Christmas x0

  3. Beautiful work! You must be very proud of these artists. Have a wonderful Christmas

  4. I am amazed with your wonderful sharing .i feel [by your profile] that you are an amazing positive and energetic person and i adore you for such deep love of life .
    Have a Blessed Christmas ahead dear!!!

  5. You have some incredibly talented people in your group all with their own styles, which makes it all the more fun. I can tell you are a wonderful friend and teacher with your gracious sharing!

    Merriest, Janet!

  6. wow your group is amazing wish i lived near you so I could come

  7. Merry Christmas Janet. xo

  8. Janet I think you r the Janet I know from way back when I was connected to the Gltter sisters. Stopped blogging for awhile but now inspired to get back and in doing so meeting up w/ several of my peeps from the glitter days. I think you painted a picture of me in a lovely gown with a cast on one leg when I fractured an ankle. Happy New Year!
    To comment on this post I love the one w/ girl joyful! My mantra for thus Year..Joy & laughter=happiness!😊

  9. Wow! These paintings are all wonderful in their own way. Awesome. Great to see you again Janet. xx

  10. Come baaaaaack.............


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