Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Week of Art...

It's been another crazy, busy week since I last posted. And not much art got finished...but I need to get my "backside" in high gear because there are several artsy things looming on the horizon.

Last week I shared with you a couple of journal page collages that were in the works. I managed to do some more on two of them...

(click on any photo to view larger)
This artichoke still needs more work but it's a start.

I think this one is shaping up nicely.
But still needs more work, too.
I have three collage pieces that I've started on larger canvases...16 x 20...but they are nowhere near completion. Here are two of them...

This one just has a lot of magazine images on it at this point. Nothing else. I want to keep the idea of the door and the stairway...maybe call it Stairway to Heaven!!

This red one has a few lines drawn in the lower right corner, but a long way to go to finish it. This will probably be more abstract...with flowy lines and curves. When I finish these magazine collaged pieces you cannot tell what the images were and very little of them still shows.

I find that starting these paintings with magazine images gives me a jumping off place where I can begin. I will either like some line or some color or something in the images that then leads me to another idea.

I haven't done a face in a long time.
I started this one a couple of days ago.
Not sure where she will end up yet.

I always like to share some of the art that the women in my class are doing. This week two people brought in finished canvases...one a painting and one a collaged piece.

All the little circles on the tree are mirrors. This is beautiful! I especially love the way she's used circles and lots of curvy lines and then the background is all done in square shapes.

I wish I had a better photo of this...it's so detailed. This one and the one above are both done on 16 x 20 canvases and I love love love them both!
On this coming Saturday HB and I are going to an art reception in the evening. The art group I recently joined is having an exhibition and I was lucky enough to get two of my paintings displayed. I hope to have lots of photos next week. Until then, enjoy your week and be sure to do something creative.


  1. I like everything here but the ones that speak most to me are the artichoke and the red and black, for very different reasons. Very striking and lots going on in both! You are one productive woman!

  2. Busy alright, how lovely to see your work again. The artichoke is my favorite. When I set my eyes to the red and black (with all the dots)the first thing that came to mind was, why did she turn it upside down. I don't know why but it happened. It's far too long since I worked in my art journal, and as always you inspire me to pick it forward again. Thanks!

  3. It pleases me to come here and see your new work. Thanks Janet. :)

  4. Oh, I love seeing how your pieces progress! Can't wait to see the pictures next week :-)

  5. Great pieces in progress..and the amazing things is how cohesive those first four are!! I feel a great series coming on. Love your use of colour so much!! Nice to see pieces from your ladies too...love the detail of the boots on the last one!! Thanks for sharing always so good to see you on here!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Where oh where has our dear Janet gone...its been a way way too long. Hope you're well and settled somewhere nice, I miss your spunky art, with sugar and spice! Think of you lots and hope to see you back here once again!

    Big hugs Giggles


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